MeetVR, an unparalleled dating web app, employs virtual reality technology and 360 degree visuals for a new kind of romantic experience. Select your location, set your interests, and begin browsing. Get an inside look at local singles' lives via personalized 360º video introductions, choose to chat, and get to know each other through a shared virtual space. With MeetVR, distance is no longer a setback.

Responsive Design

Making it easy for our users to look for love no matter where they are, no matter what device they have!

Modern Graphics

We don't want to look like your typical dating website. We want to give our users a modern love experience with our modern design.

Premium Choices

We cater to a demographic that wants to find a real relationship, but in a fun way. We pride oursleves on our great selection of singles in every city.

VR Integration

We use virtual reality technology to give a more in-depth look into someone's life and personality.

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Meet our creative team

Brought together by a love of new media, the MeetVR team is committed to bringing the best dating experience with impressive design and virtual reality immersion.

Martin Friman

Caroline Kimbrough

Graphic Design Lead
Martin Friman

Kaitlyn Yarborough

Technology Lead
Martin Friman

Destiny Smith

Content Lead
Martin Friman

Ariana Dickson

Video Lead

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